Dal (mash dal) 1 kg

Ghee 1/2 kg
Palak 1 kg
Garlic, Ginger 50gm
Curd 1/2 Kg
Pattal 12 nos
Choti ilaichi, long, cardamom, heeng, dhania, dalchini, kali mirchi, cumin seeds, dal chini, salt, haldi 20 gm

1) Clean and soft mash previous night
2) Drain out and grind
3) Mix half whole ground masala, heeng and make a paste
4) Take Pattal, thread required portion and bind it.
5) Keep all ready and then put into boiling hot water.
6 Cook for about 30 minutes.
7) Open and cut into required size pieces.
8) Deep fry these pieces in ghee and let it get brown.
9) Boil Palak and make paste of it.
10) Take ghee; put ginger, garlic paste, remaining half masala, salt and haldi and curd.
11) When curd get cooked, add Palak paste to it
12) At last add fried pieces of sepu vadi in this gravy and serve garnished with chopped coriander leaves.