Himachali Honey     fish swimming

Since ancient times, honey has been considered useful in managing premature infants, a source of strength for athletes, and active people, and a most valuable protein- sparing carbohydrate for older people, thereby serving man through his entire life.

Himachal Pradesh extending from the Shivalik foothills to the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, with different climatic conditions, prevailing at various al-titudes, at one time, ranging in temperature from 0 to 35, produces a variety of fruit, forest and medicinal plants, herbs and shrubs, besides bushes, vege-tables and agricultural crops, from which sufficient quantity of pollen and nectar is available to the bees, at their flowering stage. The result is that quality honey is produced, which is most nutritious, tasty, with pleasant fragrance, and in rich golden brown and rare white from Chamba. The rich mineral and vitamin components of honey, extracted in this state, add greatly to its food value, its plactranthus-rugosus variety, extracted in september and october is considered not only a rare produce of this mountain state but of India, as well. The other varieties are eucalyptus species(March-April), litchi chinosis (april) cederal- toona(May), accasia-catachu(July) and mix flora, extracted during april and june.