Paragliding  in Gangtok - Sikkim

“Paragliding in Gangtok – Sikkim” is one of the popular adventure sports in Sikkim. Tourists can see the magnificent Himalayan range and the snow peaks from the sky as you fly like a bird and the look below to see the stunning mountain landscape of Sikkim.

 Paragliding  in Gangtok - Sikkim Flight Rates

Medium fly: Rs. 2,800/- per person.
High Fly: Rs. 4,800/- per person.

 Paragliding  in Gangtok - Sikkim Flight Info 

“Medium fly” Info -

Altitude - 1300 - 1400 meters
Take off location – Baliman Dara
Flying Time- 5-10 minutes
Landing Place – Reshithang sports village –Stadium field

 Paragliding  in Gangtok - Sikkim Flight Info 

“Hi fly“

Altitude – 2,200 meters
Take off location – Bulbuley Dara
Flying Time- 20-30 minutes
Landing – Reshithang sports village –Stadium field

 Paragliding  in Gangtok - Sikkim Flight Info 

Note that Baliman Dara and Bulbuley Dara are the only two certified paragliding take off locations in east Sikkim (both are near Gangtok - Sikkim).

 Paragliding  in Gangtok - Sikkim Flight Booking 

You should do advance booking. Hotel pickup and drop at additional cost. It can take up to 2 hours for the entire paragliding trip including flying time and ground movements.