River rafting  in Bhagirathi River

River rafting  in Bhagirathi River (Paindas Dam to Deoprayag

A) Paindas Dam to Deoprayag

Deoprayag is a Confluence of Bhagirathi and alaknanda

Level : Class IV rapids

Region -Rishikesh

River rafting  in Bhagirathi River (Beas Ghat to Marine Drive )

B) Beas Ghat to Marine Drive 

Level : Class III+ rapids

Region - Rishikesh 

River rafting  in Bhagirathi River 


Grade I - Relaxing – an easy and slow-moving current. 
Grade II - Clear passages and moderate waves. 
Grade III - Adventurous, some technical maneuvers required.
Grade IV - Thrilling - rapids occur in a faster current, powerful waves.
Grade V - Long exciting rapids, large waves and scouting is very necessary
Grade VI - Virtually impossible, Don't try this!